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The Jackels Collection of Beverly Hills is your first destination to sell your diamonds, pre-owned jewelry, watches, and gold. We pay the highest prices instantly and all transactions are confidential.

Our seasoned gemologists have the knowledge and experience to provide you with the most accurate evaluations to establish the highest cash value of your jewelry and collectibles. Whether you are looking to buy or sell, you can visit us at the Jackels Collection of Beverly Hills with the utmost confidence in knowing that you will be treated as our most important gem.

We are the nation’s number one buyer of diamonds.

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The jewelry industry has seen many changes over the years and we’ve had the good fortune to experience all of those changes in a positive way. With our consistent track record of expertise, we will offer you the time and attention necessary on your specific area of interest. Whether you are in the market to purchase, to sell, or looking for a loan, we can help!

The jewelry professionals at Jackels Collections of Beverly Hills can be reached at 310-247-0848. Our business hours are Monday thru Friday, from 10am to 5pm PST. Give us a call today and set an appointment  for a free, confidential consultation.



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Why should you sell with The Jackels Collection?

1. A Quick Way To Raise Cash: 
Selling diamonds, watches, or other collectibles is the perfect way to come into much needed cash to meet any requirements that you might have. Funds can be released quickly without the hassle of having to seek financial alternatives or pawning diamonds. Sell your jewelry for a convenient, debt-free way of raising funds to pay bills, invest in a new lucrative business, or enjoy that vacation you’ve been planning for years.

2. Sell A Wide Range of Diamond Rings, Jewelry, & Luxury Watches:
You can sell diamond rings from the most exquisite designers or at the other end of the scale you can sell smaller, less elaborate diamonds. The Jackels Collection is also considered a worldwide expert in the appraisal and selling of engagement rings. We take the valuation of the gold, platinum, or silver from jewelry items seriously and give you excellent prices effectually providing you a much a better deal than you would find from second tier gold buyers or pawnbrokers. Sell used diamond rings, watches, or used jewelry to The Jackels Collection in the knowledge that we know diamonds better than anyone and are willing to put our money where our mouth is.

We are a diamond ring buyer specialist so if you are looking for the highest price for your jewelry The Jackels Collection can advise you and walk you through the diamond sale process. Get a free quote in minutes by calling one of our experts at 310-247-0848. We have also made the process of getting your money as simple and quick as possible.You can visit us at our Beverly Hills, CA location and we will do the rest by giving you a FREE expert valuation from our team of diamond buyers and jewelry buyers with over 45 years experience in the jewelry and collectibles industry.

3. Honest & Reputable Company:

Our customers often ask the following questions:

“Where can I get the best price for my diamond ring or jewelry?”
“Where can I sell a diamond ring or jewelry?”
“How much can I get for my diamond ring?”
“Where can I sell my diamond ring for the most money?”
“How can I sell my diamond ring?”
“What is the best place to sell my diamond?”
“Are there watch buyers near me?”

We walk them through the process, making serious offers to buy unneeded jewelry so you can be confident that our initial evaluations comprehensive and just what you were looking for. The Jackels Collection will also help you sell gold items of any purchase price or size.

If you are looking for cash for diamonds, jewelry, or luxury watches—we at the Jackels Collections of Beverly Hills look forward to being the professionals you can confide in.

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